" I am an armed forces veteran. I was apprehensive  about going to therapy, I felt no one could understand my traumas from my military service and from childhood. I was ashamed to seek help but my therapist was nice and friendly, I no longer felt ashamed. I felt comfortable I went deeper into the trauma than I thought, I normally avoided it. This has changed my life, I now wear my medals with pride, my social life improved and I'm no longer haunted by my memories, I am free, I can now see a future”

"I am tearful writing this, I am so grateful to you and the team. I've gone from living over a year in my house, afraid to go out. I had no life, I was depressed and suicidal. I now go out with my friends, I have a job, all things I never thought would be in my reach”

"I received great service, the therapist was very knowledgeable, patient and supportive. The therapist has provided me with the tools to manage my anxiety and I'm very grateful for her service"

"From the Day I meet my therapist she made me feel comfortable and safe.Without her I would not have grown and developed into the person I am today.I have learned so much about myself and grown in strength each day.I would highly recommed a vist,it will change your life.Thank you for everything."

"Thank you for the support, I feel so much better, I have gained my life back. I am in control now, rather than my feelings controlling me, I feel free and its a great feeling"

"I just wanted to say a big thank you for all your help, it has made such a difference in my life. I have been much happier last few weeks and almost feel like I’m living in a completely different world now.  The last few weeks could have been very difficult one without your help. Not only I managed to survive them but I actually enjoyed my work, which I never thought would happen before I came to see you. So thank you, I feel that attending your sessions was the best investment I ever made for myself" 

I have known Emma in a professional capacity since 2012 in which she has gone from strength to strength in her therapeutic work. Emma provided me with excellent low intensity CBT supervision through her thorough knowledge and passion to give the best possible support to our clients. Emma is collaborative in her approach and is always looking for opportunities to expand her therapeutic skill set. I would highly recommend Emma to anyone seeking support with their mental health and/or emotional wellbeing

"I was referred for CBT. I didnt believe that anything would be able to help how I was feeling. Emma helped me to explore how I was feeling and gave me practical strategies to practice at home between our sessions. I can honestly say that I am shocked, after 4 sessions I feel more in control and ready to get on with my life!"

"I had been battling with OCD from a young age, when I came to see a therapist I was at a point where I was sceptical if I could overcome my difficulties. It was a big step seeking help and I had avoided this for many years as I thought my thoughts were weird. My therapist helped me to see that my thoughts were normal and I am not different from anyone else. I found CBT helpful, I saw that there was a way out of the hole I felt trapped in. After a few sessions, I started to feel better working through my thoughts and my behaviours, really made a big difference to my life. Thank you."

"I started working with Emma after I had been worrying about my health for a while. I found myself thinking the worst case scenario every time I experienced an ache or pain. Emma helped me to understand that my behaviours were feeding my thoughts. I used to believe that googling my symptoms was helpful, but now I can see that this and my other behaviours actually keep my anxiety going. Working on my behaviours, my thoughts and having strategies to help me manage my anxiety helped me get my life back. I enjoyed my sessions with Emma, she is friendly and does not judge you, she helped me feel that I was not alone in what I was experiencing"

"I had been struggling with crippling depression and anxiety for a long time, which led to my daily routines being repeatedly disrupted. My attitude to life was "why bother? I'll fail anyway", and felt I couldnt explain the way I felt, as I was being a burden to everyone, so it became so easy to just 'put a smile on my face'. Id suffer through what seemed to be a million worries a day and get sudden panic attacks that would leave me constantly exhausted. My constant struggle of not wanting to get up and go stopped me from fulfiling every day norms. Speaking to my therapist and listening to how my thoughts influence my behaviours really opened my eyes to why I felt like I did. She taught me ways of how to cope and helped me change my way of thinking. It is unbelievable how thoughts can influence our emotions, leading to our actions and body changes. I was fascinated when sitting and looking at what I had wrote or described in the session, it really helped me to overcome my thoughts and associated feelings of being a "failure". I cannot recommend this clinic enough. My therapist explains and understands clearly, and I became very comfortable very quickly as she's warm and friendly. Even now, I practice techniques to help keep me calm in stressful situations. (Including an exam!!) Thank you so much. She had changed my outlook and I can see more positives rather than negatives. Thank you again!"

"Emma is brilliant, skilled and sensitive at what she does. We are very lucky to work closely with her in the Physiotherapy clinic at Barefoot Yoga Harborne. Emma works with a range of clients, and is particularly skilled at those who have complex problems that she can help. She also does life changing work with many who have debiliatating post traumatic stress disorder. Emma is a wonderful, warm and engaging person who puts people at ease."

‘’I was fortunate enough to have Emma as my supervisor during my training year as a Psychological Wellbeing Practitioner. Emma is approachable and empathetic in nature, which made me feel able to discuss any issues or challenges I was facing at the time. Looking back over my time as PWP, I realise even more how much Emma has taught me, I often think back to our supervision sessions and remember things that I learnt and was inspired by, Emma has been a role model for my career’’

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