Individual Therapy Services

Specialist therapy to help you achieve your full potential

Therapy Services For Adults Aged 18+

Are you considering therapy for yourself or a loved one? Our therapy services are tailored to you, we will explore your current difficulties and your goals for the future so we can start supporting you to achieve the future you desire.


£60-80 per session 


Therapy Services for Children 10-18 years

Are you looking to help your child or a child you know improve their long term wellbeing? We can help explore difficult emotions, thought processes and behaviours to help them towards a positive future they deserve.


£60-80 per session 


Employee  Therapy Services

Specialist therapy to help your employees thrive in the workplace 

Therapy Services For Employees

Employees of businesses can access packages of Counselling, CBT or EMDR tailored to their needs to achieve recovery. Help employees to thrive as opposed to survive in the workplace.

Rehabilitation  Therapy Services

Specialist therapy to help your clients work towards recovery

Therapy Services For Clients of Case Managers and Solicitors

Specialist CBT/EMDR assessment and treatment provision for those who have experienced trauma as a result of RTAs, workplace accidents, assaults/injury. 

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