Therapy Services for Children

Here at The Psychotherapy Clinic we are pleased to offer a Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service (CAMHS). Our therapists are experienced working with children aged 8-18. Most of our therapists are parents and therefore we endeavour to provide you and your child with a high quality service, the same quality that we ourselves would like our children to experience. All of our therapists are able to adapt our treatment interventions to emotional difficulties that children and teens can face.


Primarily, the therapy we offer to children is Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), learn more about CBT here. CBT will help your child or teen to evaluate irrational thinking, develop alternative rational thinking and to change unhelpful behaviours that may be contributing to the emotional difficulties experienced. CBT skills are life-long skills and will aid your child as they progress through life to manage a variety of challenging life situations, enhancing resilience.


All of our therapists working within our childrens service are DBS Enhanced checked.

We can support children and teens experiencing:

Low Mood

Anxiety (Worry)

Social Anxiety 

Low Confidence/Self Esteem




Lets work together to help your child open the door to a better future today, contact our friendly team by using the contact form below.


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