Business Services- Employee Assistance 

Here at The Psychotherapy Clinic we offer tailored therapeutic support services to help businesses and organisations support their employees mental health and wellbeing effectively.


We have specialist experience working with:

  • Public sector- including police, military, prison service
  • Private sector- including local and nationwide businesses
  • Voluntary sector- local and nationwide charities


We accept referrals from employees (with authorisation from the workplace), employers/businesses and EAP providers.


Our EAP services do not require annual membership/commitment, you invest in your employees as and when you feel this would be beneficial.



Why invest in employee wellbeing?


According to 'Britains Healtiest Workplace Survey' by VitalityHealth, presenteeism, attending work whilst unwell, costs £77.5 billion a year for the UK economy through loss of productivity.


Catapult highlights the scale of absentieesm for the UK economy, with research showing businesses are losing 6.9 days per year, per employee due to absence, costing the British Economy 100 billion. Absence from work has a detrimental impact on the bottom line for organisations of varying size workforces.


The financial impact of absenteeism and presenteeism is one reason why organisations refer to us. We are seeing an increase in responsible organisations caring for their employee as a person, wishing to invest in supporting them back to health and recovery. 



Can we help your employee?

We have significant experience supporting employees who are experiencing:

  • Abuse
  • Breavement
  • Low Mood/Depression
  • Stress
  • Anxiety
  • Family Difficulties
  • Relationship Difficulties
  • Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (Trauma)


Do you have a large number of referrals?

We have significant experience in creating whole services for the public, private and voluntary sector, whether you have 30 or 200 referrals we are able to support you to support your people. For referrals for 30+ people, we are able to revise our fees, please get in touch for an individualised quotation. 

Therapeutic Interventions

We can support your employee with our specialist therapeutic inteventions

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT)

CBT Therapy will help your employee to explore how their thoughts impact upon their emotions and in turn their behaviours. 


CBT will provide a toolbox of skills to help employees rationalise thoughts and develop helpful coping skills for stressful situations, enhancing resilience. 


Counselling and Psychotherapy is beneficial to those experiencing difficult life events; relationship difficulties and/or loss in their lives, to help them to process life events allowing them to move forward. 

Eye Movement Desensitisation and Reprocessing Therapy (EMDR)

Specialist intervention for PTSD and trauma related symptoms, EMDR helps to reduce symptoms and to move forward from the traumatic incident/s.


Our team have specialist experience working with those who have directly experienced or witnessed traumatic incidents, including but not limited to; the military, police force, prison service.

"I started struggling at work last year, my targets were increasing and I felt irritable, tired and overwhelmed. I found myself dwelling on situations at work, not letting them go, having conflict with my manager. I worried I would lose my job because of how I was feeling. I went off sick for 3 months before my support started. CBT was the best therapy for me, I learnt how to manage high pressured situations and instead of crumbling, how to get through these applying the skills I learnt in session. I was nervous about my return to work, but it went much better than I thought and I've now been back 2 months. I find I am enjoying my work again and thriving, rather than surviving. Thankyou"


Private sector, Business.

"I experienced a traumatic event at work which left me with physical and psychological scars. I could not attend work due to repeated flashbacks of that day when I was reminded of what happened. I wasnt sleeping due to nightmares, I felt in a dark place. I had EMDR funded for me and it changed my life. I can now be around reminders of the incident without being flooded with the memories from that day, I feel I have put this to bed and now I can focus on my future. Ive returned to the frontline and I know I can face and overcome any challenges now I've overcome this"


Public sector, Fontline.

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